Calling all artists and non-artists alike for our upcoming workshops! We will offer various options for ages, mediums, and themes. 

Coming soon!

From time to time (like Halloween) we host special workshops on the weekends. These are often seasonal or holiday themed. Sometimes, we just want to do something extra fun like our Glass Collage Workshops. We even love to do adult workshops or adult/child bonding workshops we call, “Supers & Sidekicks!”


Watch the schedule for information as we sprinkle these throughout the calendar!


Standard Workshops are $50* 

(Each sibling or family member added after the first is only $45)

Standard Workshop duration is 2 hours

Hours vary, Check the schedule 


*Glass Collage is a little more due to material costs

Other prices can vary

What kind of workshops are you interested in?
What kind of art would you like to create? (Check all that apply)

Thanks for the inspiration!
We will let you know when your suggestions are added to the schedule!