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Studio Classes

Each class teaches something new, mixing art history, art vocabulary and various exciting materials in a fun, unique way through projects that are sure to WOW your socks off!

The schedule is growing and kids are learning & loving art! If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, simply reach out. We have a list of others who are wanting different times too and are always adding and creating new time slots. Also, the main ages are listed for the classes, but we usually have an older or younger included just because they liked the vibe in that particular class or it is a better fit for the family’s schedule. Because our classes are small, we are able to serve each child at the level that is perfectly suited for them.

In all our classes we build on the basics and then let our imaginations go wild. Drawing skills are developed throughout, shading, mark making techniques, perspective and more are all included. We work on different fun projects that usually begin with a drawing element, then we explore as many different art media as we can think of. Watercolor, acrylics, soft pastels, oil pastels, resists, charcoal, mixed media, paper collage, glass collage (and basically anything we can get our hands on), alcohol inks, found objects, plants and more! We’ve even used fire to make our art before (in a very controlled & safe way, of course). 


We explore realism and abstract art as well as what each means. I am a huge believer that all kids can learn art vocabulary, so we sprinkle that in everywhere. No dreaded vocab quizzes, but by just using the proper words and teaching as we go, it’s amazing how much they can learn. I don’t teach the baby versions of art vocabulary because I’ve found that students love knowing the “real” art words and learning how to evaluate and speak about art too. Hey, right there is another hidden benefit of the arts… Improved communication skills!


We hope you’ll reach out and join in the fun! I should warn you though, once kids start making art with us, they rarely ever want to leave!

Tuition is $120/month



All art supplies

Weekly classes


Judgement-free zone 

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