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Meet the Teachers

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Jennifer Strickler 

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer

Meet Jennifer Strickler, our cheerful Chief Happiness Officer and the creative founder of Children's Art Place! Eighteen years ago, with her BFA from Washington University in hand and a keen eye for the lack of visual arts education locally, Jennifer decided to make a change. She founded the studio to provide a space where art isn't just taught; it's celebrated. Every day, Jennifer delights in guiding young artists through their creative journeys, making her studio a hub of joy and imagination. At Children's Art Place, it's not just about mixing paints; it's about mixing passion with purpose, helping each child create their own colorful mark on the world.

Courtney Cornelison

Chief Facilitator of Fun

Meet Courtney Cornelison, our Chief Facilitator of Fun at Children's Art Place! Courtney is the creative spirit and talented teacher who knows just how to spark joy and creativity in every child she meets. Known for her ability to craft memorable learning experiences, Courtney excels at making art education both enlightening and exhilarating. She is the creative whirlwind behind our most memorable art events and the mastermind of our birthday party magic. With Courtney at the helm, each celebration is transformed into an amazing artistic adventure, ensuring that every child leaves with a masterpiece in one hand and unforgettable memories in the other. Whether it's a swirl of paint or a dash of glitter, Courtney makes sure fun is always blended beautifully with learning.


Marissa Purnell

Strummer of Strings and Strokes

Meet Marissa Purnell, our Strummer of Strings and Strokes at Children's Art Place! Marissa is a dual-force of creativity, seamlessly blending her prowess in both visual arts and music. As a teacher for our older students, she excels in pushing artistic boundaries and honing technical skills, helping each student to master their artistic voice. Not only is Marissa a remarkable visual artist, but she is also a renowned harpist, often gracing audiences with her melodious performances solo or with her Tennessee Harp Trio. Her passion for art and music beautifully harmonizes, making her a beloved mentor and a true maestro of the arts.


Julia Magee 

Director of Do-Goodery and Doodles

Meet Julia Magee, our Director of Do-Goodery and Doodles and enchanting visual artist and mentor at Children's Art Place! Julia is a maestro of magic and fun, transforming each art session into a captivating experience for the children. Her expertise isn't just confined to the canvas; she's also a seasoned pro in non-profit work. Julia's global adventures enrich our studio every time she returns, sharing new ideas and inspirations from her travels. We are incredibly fortunate to have Julia with us, sprinkling her unique blend of artistry and altruism, making every moment memorable. Whether she's guiding a brush or navigating a grant proposal, Julia makes an indelible mark on hearts and minds.


Charlotte Pippin 

Masterpiece Maker & Aspiring Artist Support

Meet Charlotte Pippin, our beloved Masterpiece Maker & Aspiring Artist Support at Children's Art Place! A dedicated student turned invaluable team member, Charlotte has a special talent for bringing joy and creativity to our studio. She generously volunteers for many of our events, winning the hearts of both the young students and our entire staff with her warmth and enthusiasm. Charlotte's presence truly transforms our studio, adding that extra touch of magic that makes Children's Art Place a wondrous place for budding artists. We're incredibly fortunate to have her as part of our team, where she continues to inspire and support our community of budding artists.

What Art Means to Our Students

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