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After School Art Class

We have missed spreading creativity and filling school hallways with art! We are so excited to be back on campus this semester!

Leaf Pattern Design

Bring out your inner artist and join us at Creative Art Place! We are thrilled to welcome back our returning students and excited to meet new ones as we start a new school year. Let your creativity soar and explore the endless possibilities of art with us

Classes meet directly after school on campus for an hour on a designated day. Your artist's grade level determines which day they will meet on. 

About the Program

The Children’s Art Place curriculum is carefully developed to meet Academic Standards for Visual Arts and many lessons align with the Common Core Standards. We also value Art for Art’s Sake and provide some simply fun lessons to enjoy the process of making art, while other lessons integrate math, science, language arts, social studies and music. New enriching art lessons await students each week that challenge and excite! Every semester is different and packed full of fun, learning & creating!

Grand Art Show

These shows are truly breathtaking and showcase the art created from about 5-6 of our projects. Every child receives a custom art award!

All Inclusive Tuition

Tuition includes all classes, art supplies, instruction, Grand Art Show, and the art award.

Our Services

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