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We believe creativity is everyone’s birthright.

Join us!

At Children's Art Place we are always expanding our offerings. So stay tuned for more exciting classes, Kids Night Out Events, and workshops!

Studio Classes

In all our classes we build on the basics and then let our imaginations go wild. Through project based learning our students build on the fundamentals of art making as well as developing a solid art vocabulary, understanding of art movements, and so much more!


Kids' Night Out

The first and third Fridays of each month, we open up at 6:00 to make art, watch movies, eat pizza, celebrate with freeze dance and always have a great time until 9:30pm. If parents want to go have their own “night out,” we’re all for that too, but we focus on the kiddos! Check the calendar for exact dates as they sometimes vary.

Summer Camps

Dive into creativity this summer at our Summer Art Camp! Unleash your child's imagination with a season packed with painting, sculpting, and more, all while making new friends and incredible memories. It's not just an art camp—it’s the perfect place for young artists to explore, create, and shine!



Check out our workshop schedule as our offerings are always expanding! We often have seasonal or holiday themed workshops along with project based options such as glass collage. Depending on the workshop you might find one for all kids, all adults, or a mix called Supers & Sidekicks!

On-site After School Art Classes

Join us on site at your school for our much loved art program. If we're not at your school, we can work together with your school's administration to make it a reality.


FREE Art Lessons & Printables!

Dive into a world of imagination and learning with our collection of engaging and educational art resources. From step-by-step drawing tutorials to fun printables that inspire creativity, our platform is designed to spark artistic expression in young minds.

Discover a range of topics:

  • How-to-draws

  • Coloring Pages

  • Creativity Challenges

  • Skill Sharpeners

  • And much more!

Whether your child is a budding artist or just loves to get hands-on with colors and shapes, our free resources make learning art enjoyable and accessible.

Explore our FREE Art Lessons & Printable

Discover Your Inner Artist at Children's Art Place

Welcome to the heart of Children's Art Place! Meet our dedicated team of artists and educators, each bringing their own unique blend of talent, creativity, and passion to our studio. From nurturing young talent to weaving creativity into every project, our staff brings art to life, ensuring a magical and enriching experience for all. Join us in celebrating the dedicated individuals who make every brushstroke a discovery and every palette a playground.

Student Gallery

 Explore this section to immerse yourself in a world of imagination, innovation, and expression through various mediums and styles of art.

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